Dr Gaeta’s cardiovascular seminar is so well organized and full of information. He made recommendations for nutritional support that I can easily implement in my office the next day. All seminars should be presented as well as this one. Well done – actually perfect!

Dr Matthew Lynam

Nanci Knox.jpg

Dr Gaeta just has a way of explaining the information in a simple and easy fashion which makes it easy to learn, understand and use.

Nanci Knox, DC

Lindsey Boucher.jpg

Very informative and backed by research! I have so many clients in mind that I will immediately go back and implement what I’ve learned in this program.

Lindsey Boucher, RN, CN

Roxanne Dziedzic.jpg

I loved the format of the presentation. You are very knowledgeable and have great information. I loved how you are able to move to other areas of questioning, and seamlessly incorporate them into the topic of current discussion. I also enjoyed the video clips, and audio of Dr Lee. Your participant manual is one of the best. It’s also easy to read. Make it longer!

Roxanne Dziedzic, DC

A lot of really profound information that I can apply and put into action.

Victoria Hudson

Tama Henderson.jpg

The information presented is super relevant for today’s patients’ health concerns – not just cardio patients – but a wide range of clinical applications – weight loss, adrenal health, sleep maintenance, overall optimal health. Great presentation!

Tama Henderson, LAc

Very clear and advanced teaching about cardiovascular health and beyond. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and huge experience.

Norys Botero, LAc